Love. Music. Angel. Baby.

It’s funny how you can tell others what to do, but then somehow, you get so busy that you actually forget to do it yourself.

Since we launched Crazy Filthy Rich, we’ve been talking about taking the time to stop and smell the roses, to remember what brings you joy, to find what makes you happy deep in your soul. AND I meant it. We meant it. 

But for me…. I forgot about something… and that was music. The way music makes me feel and the amount of times it’s been there throughout my life, is truly something special. It has defined some of my life’s greatest moments and I cast it aside like an old childhood friend. You know the whole, it’s not that I don’t care about you, I’ve just been too busy to listen, type of thing.

But then, Saturday night, relaxing at home after a long day, I scrolled through Instagram and came upon Liv Harland, a beautiful young singer with an epic voice who performs on the streets of London. She is actually loved so much that she racked up 20 million YouTube likes and scored her very own record deal. How? Well, it’s simple – she believed in herself and never stopped chipping away at her dream – not rain, sleet, snow, freezing temps or the empty streets during the pandemic stopped her.  Anyway… I fell down the Liz rabbit hole and one video had me so moved that I started tearing up then full blown crying. Watch here livharlandmusic (@livharlandmusic) Official TikTok | Watch livharlandmusic’s Newest TikTok Videos. To be an inspiration to someone so young, to be their voice, to be their guide, is really so deeply profound. It is, after all, what we are put on this earth to do. To lift up others, to raise them up and to lead them into their greatness. I’m actually so obsessed that when Dara and I go to London this summer, the plan is to find her and I don’t know…to be BFF’ and have her become part of the CFR crew.

A little further down the TikTok hole now, Liz then goes on to cover Adele’s “Easy On Me”. This time though, the words hit a bit different. So then I head on over to this performance Adele – Easy On Me (Live at the NRJ Awards 2021) – YouTube  where, like usual, Adele can and always will hit you deep.


Go easy on me, baby

I was still a child

Didn’t get the chance to

Feel the world around me

Had no time to choose

What I chose to do

So go easy on me

I had good intentions

And the highest hopes

But I know right now

That probably doesn’t even show


And… it resonated so very much with me. So many of us didn’t have time to choose. Didn’t get to feel the world first before we jumped in feet first. Had to pay the bills, make money, many of you had to take care of children while you were still so young, so many married before they explored their real possibilities. We too, had good intentions to make it all work. We too had the highest hopes. I guess that’s why when things like careers, marriages, families, friendships and relationships don’t pan out, it hurts so very much.

We are ALL alike, we all have hopes and dreams and wishes and disappointments and failures and wins and losses. I hope today, you’ll give yourself the grace. Give someone else the grace too. Even if they don’t know they need it- everyone does.

Lastly this brings me to yesterday morning at Target where I went in for 4 last minute items for our trip to the Bahamas. FOUR. I walked out with 36 items for $568.00. Ah… the Target Effect- It’s a thing.

Anyway…like I said, I ran to Target about 45 minutes before hot yoga to pick up those few things. All of the sudden I looked at my phone and I literally had a shopping cart full of “must have” items and I literally had 12 minutes to get to class. The only way to make it was if I left it all and jetted over to the studio asap. While I began to contemplate this song came on Teddy Swims – Let Me Love You (Mario Cover) – YouTube  And it felt good, like deep in my soul, good #soulsundays. It brought me right back to the early 2000’s and Joe’s Pub on a Thursday Night in New York City. Man, I miss those days. Mario was my old client and we had such a time together. I actually represented him when this song came out.

But for real, I had been so very busy this entire week that I hadn’t even taken a minute for myself. To do something for me. With all the neon bikinis and soul sunday vibes Target was giving, I decided to ditch the class for some feel good shopping with Teddy. Thanks Target – that song probably made me add another 150.00 to the cart!

Anyways, remember friends, soak up the goodness from everywhere… yep, even from Target. Walk in greatness, you never know who you’re inspiring, and lastly give yourself and others some grace and extra love. Trust me, by spreading more love, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.




Ps- Dara says hi!