We want you to uplevel in all parts of your life and ascend into a smarter, richer, healthier, and happier version of yourself.

Whether you are looking to change careers, start a business or just trying to figure it all out, we have your roadmap.

Throughout our 20-plus year careers as publicists and branding experts, we have conceptualized, created, and crafted stories for hundreds of companies from small start-up brands to huge Fortune 500, publicly traded companies, to CEOs, celebrities, and industry leaders. Most importantly, we’ve mastered that “IT” factor, or as they say, the “electricity” that makes magic happen.

Together, we’ll break down everything you need to know about

Whether it’s flying in private jets, running from George Clooney’s agents, blacklisting a client for international fraud, hanging at the White House, dancing with celebrities on the famed Star Island, or closing out The biggest deal under a palm tree in Maui – there is nothing we can’t, haven’t or won’t do.

There’s a method to our madness though, and success is a well-played game. Hear the story, score the blueprint, create an action-packed plan, and learn to take doable steps to reach your goals and “get yours.”

business, entrepreneurship, relationships, love, money, power, wealth, and health.

Did we leave anything out? Absolutely not.



We’re Risk-Takers. Dream Weavers. Brand Builders. Barrier Breakers and Unrelenting Entrepreneurs. We’re all about harnessing energetic forces and pursuing the big purpose.

We operate behind the scenes and behind the headlines, bringing brands, leaders, CEOs, celebrities, and industry titans to the forefront on a daily basis. We are the ones to build their brands, conceptualize their strategies, communicate and tell their stories, and manage their reputations and fix problems when shit goes wrong. We are trusted confidants, teachers, leaders, and business mentors.

As entrepreneurs and Co-Founders of PR agency – Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, The Enternship, and the Pretty Electric podcast, we have been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, The Huffington Post, TIME, Yahoo! News, NY Post, MONEY Magazine, Entrepreneur, The Daily Mail, Glamour and many more top media outlets across the world.

Together, as entrepreneurs, we’re familiar with working exclusively with clients positioned strategically within the cultural zeitgeist. We were also praised by Sir Richard Branson and won a PRWeek award for our “highly successful” campaign work. We have successfully thrown star-studded events for everyone from duchesses to designers, and from hip-hop royalty to high-powered executives. We’ve represented groundbreaking scientists, A-list celebrities, Grammy award-winning artists, global pioneers, fashion icons, humanitarian renegades, social activists, and some of the greatest brands of the century.

In 2014, with a mission of creating greater impact beyond the world of brand building, we created The Enternship. The mentorship program’s visibility exploded, and acceptance became highly sought after from women around the world as the program that helped women reinvigorate their careers, lives, and re-enter the workforce went viral and was featured on CNN, Fox, CBS, NPR, CNBC, and more. It was even tweeted about by The Internship and Something’s Gotta Give screenwriter Nancy Meyers. We then went on to launch the widely successful Pretty Electric Podcast created to guide and help women in shifting their energy, following their passions, and curating their dream lives. Now, we are taking it to the next level through Crazy Filthy Rich with our courses, live events, speaker series, and a forthcoming book.


Helping women rise up and live a life filled with success and freedom is our passion.

It’s simple, our passion is helping women rise up and live a life filled with wild success and freedom.

Sure, we have been successful AF, but it didn’t come without immense highs and lows, trials and tribulations, and major blunders in both our professional and personal lives. The honest truth is that we had four dollars in our business bank account the day we were featured in Forbes.

And, even though we took our employees out for happy hours and showered them with gifts, they constantly talked about us behind our back. Gwen was married to a bootleg Bernie Madoff wannabe and Dara was engaged to an unemployed couch surfer. Our saving grace? Traveling the world together and leaving them both at home to watch the dogs. For years living in New York City, we were overworked, bloated (yet fabulous), undervalued, understaffed, underfunded, flailing PR rockstars who were at the tipping point. We were still killing it in the PR game, but our life was slowly killing us.

So, several years ago after getting rid of our “partners” we had a heart-to-heart and decided we needed a life reboot for real. We joined the School of Philosophy, read more personal growth books than we can count, went back to the gym (but this time on a consistent basis), joined the green juice life (if you follow Dara’s Instagram you know the deal), moved into new homes, scored some hot new guys, had better sex, started meditating and began making it a priority to put ourselves first. “No” became our favorite and most powerful word and it completely changed the game professionally and personally. We found the tools and blueprints to keep fine-tuning our lives.

Years later, we found ourselves living the dream beachside in the sunshine state together.

We’re smarter, richer, healthier, happier, and dare we say, sexier than ever. Through years of ups and downs, we have successfully created freedom for ourselves, massive success, and have mastered the method to the madness that we call life. We’re the designers of our destiny, the architects of our dreams, and we can’t wait to show you the way to crush this beautiful thing that we call life.