What if THIS year was the last year that your life was like this?

What if you went into 2023 knowing that finally it was going to be your time to shine?

We mean really shine.

What if you finally had the answers and tools you needed to tackle anything that is in your way?

To be your best self?

To finally become exactly who you want to be and have the mentors to help you crush it and be with you right along the way?

What if you had the energy to make it all finally happen?

Now what IF you turned that IF into a yes, and you tackled your life with precision focused attention, unshakable confidence, winning mindset, unstoppable determination, and a new and improved energetic force?​

Join us for THE FIRST TIME EVER for personalized coaching from Dara and Gwen.


We’re talking health, wealth, success and happiness. Instead of going into the New Year like every other year before, ready to make those big moves but then losing all motivation and calling it quits just a month later, THIS time, you’ll make it different. This time it will actually BE different, because you’ll  FINALLY learn the tools that will help you to build momentum, take action and propel yourself forward. With our expert guidance and signature formula, you will experience exponential growth, expand your potential and step into the life you were meant for. Put the work in and we will NOT let you fail. We WILL help to supercharge your LIFE with real actionable steps to take that will keep you fired up in ALL parts of your life.

With precision formulation, after our initial conversation and evaluation, we will give you a STEP BY STEP action plan and work right alongside you the entire way. For three months, we’ll work side by side to provide you with your customized dynamic, results-oriented set of practices that will help you build the confidence, self-trust, and integrity to move forward in your life and the tools and  practices to shift your mindset and get you into forward motion.


Dara and Gwen


Coaching sessions open on January 5th and are rolling admissions so that you can start anytime.

What you get each month:

1 60 Minute Introduction Zoom (First month only)

4 30 minute calls per month (scheduled at your convenience)

1 60 Minute End Of Month Progress Zoom per month

24/7 Unlimited Text Access to Dara and Gwen for duration of program

1 Workbook 

If you’re ready to dedicate the time and energy and give us the laser-like focus that YOUR LIFE deserves, then let’s do this. TOGETHER. 

Investment for 3 Month Program: $15K USD. Monthly payment plans are available.

What is Gwyneth without her beautiful blond locks? J.Lo without her derriere? Victoria Beckham without her signature smokey eye? Gwen Stefani without the abs of steel? 

Celebrities and Influencers are cashing in and making major dinero out of their curated brands. It’s about finding your je nais se quoi and your signature and making your stamp on the world. Then the most important part, getting the message out. 


The first order of business in your search for the spotlight is to start thinking of yourself as a product, a commodity, and a powerhouse brand. You, darling, will need to acquire your own set of golden arches and become as recognizable as Mcdonald’s, develop that je ne sais quois that will make people think—even subconsciously—of you every time they see it. 


You also need to be original. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but the public can spot a cheap knockoff a mile away. Your brand must be strong—and likable. In private you can be as quirky, odd, and contradictory as you want. But in the public eye, your brand should always come first. 


Once you pick your MO, we’ll show you how to use it to your advantage and keep up appearances, from creating a business card and letterhead to assembling your own press kit, honing your personal celebrity style, bulking up your social calendar to its desired A-list status, and asking for what you want without making apologies for it (it’s called being high-maintenance, and nothing’s wrong with that).


Without a personal brand, you are nobody and we mean that. Not to be rude but if you don’t tell the world who you are, then you are then letting random people tell your story and who you are to the world. We just can’t let that happen darlings, we must control the narrative and story of who we are. 

And the pièce de résistance? Getting your story and message out front and center to the RIGHT people, the people that will start to spread your message for you, your brand evangelists, if you will. And most importantly, the people that make the decisions, the people that sign those checks, honey. 


Join us for this 4-week course.



“Gwen and Dara capture the zeitgeist of American pop culture perfectly. Consider this program ‘the rules’ to gaining the popularity, fame, and fortune that you deserve.


“Some are born famous, some achieve fame, and some have fame thrust upon them. For the rest of us, this class is essential.”