I’m all about personal growth and when I came across Dara and Gwen I was curious about the Blueprint courses. I wasn’t exactly sure what I had signed up for but it was everything I didn’t know I needed.
Dara and Gwen created a safe space for like-minded women to feel empowered, strong, confident, and supportive with business ideas, personal growth, and encouragement.
The blueprint courses made you think about what you really want to do with your life. It helps you reflect on your past and what you are wanting to achieve in your future. Not only did I leave feeling seen and empowered I know that I have made life-long friendships and we will continue to help each other grow and achieve all our life desires. Thank you Dara and Gwen we are all crazy filthy rich indeed!!


The Blueprint was so much more than I ever thought it could be! Life changing!!!!Dara and Gwen are as real as it gets… they give it to you straight!! They are honest, intelligent, empathetic, witty and so fun to interact with. They are true mentors. I have such a deep appreciation and gratitude for them both for what they have offered us over the past 6 weeks. Every zoom was informative and motivating. Dara and Gwen addressed each of us in such a personal way. They truly care to see our growth and help us uncover what is next. The support from all the women was incredible. We have formed bonds that I know will last. It’s a sisterhood… One I’m so proud to be a part of!! The weekly worksheets were such a great tool to take a deep look inward and learn more about myself on every level. It was productive and therapeutic.
This course helped me uncover myself. It brought me back into the light and gave me hope and confidence again. It showed me that there are no limits if you believe in yourself and know your worth!


“I have attended many seminars, experienced trainers, consultants and coaches – but Gwen & Dara with their Blueprint program are unique.They immediately touched my heart with their lively and witty manner. Dara & Gwen don’t just talk about girl power, they embody it.It’s almost indescribable how my life has evolved over the last 6 Blueprint weeks.I went into the course with insecurities, undecided about moving or applying for a job. By taking action, I had 3 important interviews after just 2 weeks and the career doors are still open. I left the Blueprint course with three serious job offers, concrete plans to move, new insights about myself, input, and many new friendships. Rarely have I met so many interesting, great, different women with the same mission and so much trust in each other. Our weekly Zoom meetings became a cherished routine for me. No Netflix or other entertainment program could top that. I am curious about my new life, and my new work, and I look forward to more surprises from CFR.”

It was so awesome.
I can’t wait til tomorrow. Great content and really nice flow

- Karey_Lynn