We spoke to so many of you, and we know that there are a few goals at the top of your mind and they are personal growth, happiness and confidence along with abundant energy and radiant health.

During this masterclass we will be laserlike focusing on how you can live your life in a state of high octane energy by building up your essential LIFEFORCE and how that will translate to success in all aspects of your life, personal and professional. 


Make 2023 yours! It is time for a new direction, a reboot, a swift kick in the ass to take back your life, to believe in yourself, banish the negative, step into your purpose, make a plan, stick to it, get happy and to create a life you’re proud of. 

No matter what stage of life you’re in, where in the world you live or what…… it can all be changed, in a blink of an eye. You know that energy that certain people have? The je ne sais quoi? They seem electric, they are magnetic, they pull in what they want and they make it happen. That can be you. Not later. NOW. Everything is possible. Trust us. We know. We are our own proof.

Our new course THE RESTART will provide tools and strategies needed to restart your life in 2023 and keep it going and keep you running on that high octane fuel. We’re going to talk about how you’ll get smarter, richer, healthier, happier and more confident than ever! We are talking about how to banish fear of judgment and failure, how to take that leap of faith and break out of old limiting belief systems.

We will show you the power you hold when you learn how to do what you want, how you want and when you want. YOU are the designers of your destiny, the masters of your dreams, and now we’re ready to share with you our experiences, how we made it happen and how you can too!


If you’re ready to create an electric life of your very own.
If you find the daily grind is getting in the way of your sense of purpose.
If you need a major reboot and a swift, but loving, kick in the ass to help you do it.


If you are ready to take back your power and learn how to never relinquish it again.
If you want a life of passion and purpose and success and excitement.
If you want to build confidence and crush it in life.
If you are ready to get unstuck and unf*cked.

Then this webinar is for you!

Join us for THE RESTART, a FREE supercharged- game-changing Masterclass for two days.

To step into your power, live a life fueled by passion, and design your destiny with purpose.


Wunderlich Kaplan Communications has been a game-changer for La Rue 1680™. From the sessions to ensure my brand image matches the message we are trying to portray, to regular virtual roundtables to ensure we are on top of trends, stories, etc that are relevant to the brand and a topic of conversation, WKC ensures that we are PR worthy. They believe in their clients in a way that I’ve never seen from others and that belief allows them to position their clients in the best light possible. Within 3 months of working together, we were featured on Vogue, French Vogue, Black Enterprise, Cheddar TV, The Today, and many more. These features have a direct correlation to immediate increases in sales from 300% – 500% after each feature.
I highly recommend not just PR but PR with Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, a team who really are that, key players on your team.



Stephanie Synclair . Founder and CEO of LaRue 1680